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New Years Goals

It’s very easy to miss the mark if you don’t know where you’re aiming.

To that end, here’s some goals for the year:

  • Create a private cloud for me and my family
    • Google’s notorious for cancelling services without little warning.
    • Facebook and Instagram don’t always act in the best interests of their users.
    • I don’t want everything I take a picture of being uploaded to someone else’s server farm.
  • Create another robot
    • I did a bunch of work on designing different robots over the years.
    • Buying a house right before getting married during a global pandemic was distracting.
    • This is mostly an excuse to purchase a laser engraving and cutting machine.
  • Finish first pass of remodeling my house
    • Living room, main stairwell, and dining room remain.
    • Kitchen, master bedroom, office, and guest bedroom are mostly done already.
    • Link to everything that I used to help others. Utilize affiliate links where possible to profit if deserved.
  • Write a post for each major goal
    • Writing down goals and evaluating keeps me honest and me keep moving forward.
    • One’s ability to write can help or hinder one’s progress through life. Might as well Git Gud™.

So It Begins Again

I’m writing this as I start playing with WordPress again. This is not the first blog I’ve started. It may hopefully be the first blog I’ve not abandoned. Time will tell.

Initial thoughts are that WordPress is still just like riding a bike you don’t like downhill. It’s easy enough to get back up to speed, but it’s not a pleasant journey. This is especially true and something goes wrong. Where are the damn breaks on this thing?

That said, I’ve had to error_log(...) the hell out of code in the past. I’ve been through worse.

Let’s play with the templates and styling again. It’s not glorious; but sure as God’s got sandals, it gets the job done.