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Hello, world.

You’ve found my virtual home on the internet.

This site is ostensibly a website designed to be used to promote myself. It’ll likely be used more to rant about things I’ve been working on.

Latest Posts

  • Virtual Homesteading – Part 2
    An Upgrade Is In Order My current server is running a Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU. Based on archeological evidence and carbon dating, experts estimate that it is around 10 years of age. It’s had minor upgrades over the years with a respectable 4 × 2TB drives setup in RAID5 for 6TB usable. However, it’s simply…  Read More
  • Virtual Homesteading – Part 1
    For a few years now, I’ve been gotten complacent and lazy due to Google’s services. Free space on someone else’s server was too tempting, regardless of privacy concerns. It’s time I do something about it by creating my personal cloud for my household. This is a big enough undertaking that I might as well write…  Read More
  • New Years Goals
    It’s very easy to miss the mark if you don’t know where you’re aiming. To that end, here’s some goals for the year: Create a private cloud for me and my family Google’s notorious for cancelling services without little warning. Facebook and Instagram don’t always act in the best interests of their users. I don’t…  Read More
  • New Year / New Website
    It was sometime after the initial Sniffle Snafu Panic of 2020 that I realized I’d not updated my website in years. It’s unfortunate, but a cold hard fact of life that microscopic entities can be deadly. Bad times are inevitable if there’s a bad enough pathogen, and there will be death. That we’ve had. We…  Read More
  • So It Begins Again
    I’m writing this as I start playing with WordPress again. This is not the first blog I’ve started. It may hopefully be the first blog I’ve not abandoned. Time will tell. Initial thoughts are that WordPress is still just like riding a bike you don’t like downhill. It’s easy enough to get back up to…  Read More