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Hello, world.

You’ve found my virtual home on the internet.

This site is ostensibly a website designed to be used to promote myself. It’ll likely be used more to rant about things I’ve been working on.

Latest Posts

  • CATPOO 2021 — Internal Structure
    NOTE: This is a place for me to jot my thoughts regarding what my next robot will do. Expect many stealth edits. See CATPOO 2021 — A New Beginning for an overview of the whole project. Way back when, I designed that I wanted to learn how to create a circuit board from scratch. It…  Read More
  • CATPOO 2021 — What Does It Do?
    I remember when I first started playing with robotics, I was always asked what my goals were. I never had a good answer for that. Here’s my thoughts on a better answer.
  • CATPOO 2021 — Power Supply
    It’s about time I ruminate on power issues I’ve had in the past. In previous iterations, I cut a lot of corners with the power. Melted wires and malfunctioning steppers were the main issues I remembered facing. This brain dump will be help to avoid all the power issues in this next, final holonomic robot.
  • CATPOO 2021 — A New Beginning
    Note: This post is a work-in-progress and will be updated as requirements are fully fleshed out. Way back when I started playing around with robotics and electronics years ago, the most important thing to me was having a good name for my robotics projects. I came up with Cat Antagonizing Tactical Platform Of Oppression (or…  Read More
  • Bye-bye, Creeper Bot
    Sometime back in late 2018 and early 2019, I had gotten very near completing my beautiful glow-in-the-dark robot. Concurrent to that, I had begun venturing out in the dating world. I ended up getting married to the beautiful woman who I was dating at the time. Unfortunately, my robot doesn’t care about that. All it…  Read More