Me, waving hello

Why, hello.

Oh, my... you've found me and my virtual home on the internet.

This site is ostensibly a website designed as a web based portfolio, but it's likely going to devolve into a showcase of robot projects or time lapse videos of mundane scenarios.

Cat Antagonizing Tactical Platform of Oppression

Back when I was a young kid, I always wanted to build a robot. I never managed to talk my parents into giving me thousands and thousands of dollars to fund my research. It was a difficult time.

Fast forward 20 years, I have a career and the necessary income. I also have cats. The decision was made before I even thought of what to do: build a device to terrorize my cats.


Whenever someone wants to know something about me, I'm tempted to provide this link...

Whether you found my page on LinkedIn or OkCupid, we all know this is why you're here.


I went to art school because I wanted to make video games. I wanted to do it all from the models or the engine.

Now I occasionally make artwork to try to justify the student loan.