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Hello, world.

You’ve found my virtual home on the internet.

This site is ostensibly a website designed to be used to promote myself. It’ll likely be used more to rant about things I’ve been working on.

Latest Posts

  • CATPOO 2021 — Unexpected Delays
    Murphy’s Law showed up. Back to drawing board I went. Trouble in Paradise After initial optimism at things seemingly coming together quickly, I then ran into 3 main problems: The stepper motors that I had purchased were not powerful enough to move the somewhat heavy robot. The field of view with the previous camera was…  Read More
  • Baby Birds
    I’m testing out a new gallery plugin. Here are some photos that I took of some baby robins in early summer of 2021.
  • CATPOO 2021 — What’s the Brain Look Like?
    Now that I have my robot built, it’s time to start making it do things. This is where I got stuck before last time. I was using an Arduino at the time to control the steppers and read in the range finders’ data. Now that I’m going 100% Raspberry Pi for the brain, there are…  Read More
  • CATPOO 2021 — It’s Built!
    It’s Alive! (Again!) I’m proud to report that my newest robot iteration has been built. Look at it in all its glory: So far, all I’ve been able to verify that the basic system is working as intended. The LCD screen is working great. The power consumption is rather low at idle (assuming the IR…  Read More
  • CATPOO 2021 — Internal Structure
    See CATPOO 2021 — A New Beginning for an overview of the whole project. Way back when, I designed that I wanted to learn how to create a circuit board from scratch. It was fun and I learned a lot. Unfortunately, one of the things that I learned was it takes forever to build proper…  Read More