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Hello, world.

You’ve found my virtual home on the internet.

This site is ostensibly a website designed to be used to promote myself. It’ll likely be used more to rant about things I’ve been working on.

Latest Posts

  • CATPOO 2021 — What Does It Do?
    I remember when I first started playing with robotics, I was always asked what my goals were. I never had a good answer for that. Here’s my thoughts on a better answer.
  • CATPOO 2021 — Power Supply
    It’s about time I ruminate on power issues I’ve had in the past. In previous iterations, I cut a lot of corners with the power. Melted wires and malfunctioning steppers were the main issues I remembered facing. This brain dump will be help to avoid all the power issues in this next, final holonomic robot.
  • CATPOO 2021 — A New Beginning
    Note: This post is a work-in-progress and will be updated as requirements are fully fleshed out. Way back when I started playing around with robotics and electronics years ago, the most important thing to me was having a good name for my robotics projects. I came up with Cat Antagonizing Tactical Platform Of Oppression (or…  Read More
  • Bye-bye, Creeper Bot
    Sometime back in late 2018 and early 2019, I had gotten very near completing my beautiful glow-in-the-dark robot. Concurrent to that, I had begun venturing out in the dating world. I ended up getting married to the beautiful woman who I was dating at the time. Unfortunately, my robot doesn’t care about that. All it…  Read More
  • Personal Cloud Software Pain Points
    For the last few weeks, I’ve been evaluating using ownCloud for building my own personal cloud. The install process is more time consuming than it is difficult. Now that I’ve got my server up and running well, I’ve been putting it through the paces more. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t hitting…  Read More